Use the RSS feed for a specific category

If you want to encourage your readers to subscribe to some of the updates of your site, it may be interesting to set up RSS feeds by category. The feed url to...

Six simple ways to strengthen your blog’s security

Introduction Everyday professional nasty plagiarists and hackers flood the internet looking for security loopholes on blogs or websites. If they discover that your blog is vulnerable, they will do everything within their...

5 Essentials All Work-From-Home Bloggers Require

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Save more time while blogging

When we stay days and days to blog , we spends a lot of time to copy bits of text and URLs. blogging We move from a tab to an other for taking...

Great Blogging Resource Lists on L-Lists

The following post is a goldmine for Entrepreneurs who want to start a blog for their business, the links are for lists built on L-Lists (a list-making website), for blogging websites...

Are you fit to be a blogger?

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Should You Curse In Your Blog Posts?

While many assume cursing in your blog posts is unprofessional, professionalism is a subjective concept. Cursing may help set the tone for some blogs. Should I Curse On My Online Blog Posts? One...

Making your blogging experience faster!!

One of the main problems for any web surfer or a blogger is actually being able to surf and browse faster. This has nothing to do with the browser or Internet speed,...

WordPress Hack: remove “WordPress Generator”

The publishing platform Wordpress adds a small line for itself to advertise and clarify that the site that you find is a site using Wordpress. Except that in addition to reporting that...

7 Simple Hacks to Increase Traffic on Your Website

Every single business owner wants to drive more traffic to their website. No matter whether you’re running a small, local business or a larger one, you have to be digitally adept...