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Gaining Exposure for Your Blog

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If you are writing for creative satisfaction only, then probably you need no strategy or planning as taking your blog post to as many readers or potential customers as possible is not your aim. But if you are writing to make money, you naturally want to your articles be seen by a larger number of people. And this is only the beginning as you want people to like and make comments on your pieces. This is possible when you get people who have an interest in your topics to read your blog posts. And how do you ensure that you are seen on the net?

Well, the best way is to go for search engine optimization. Using SEO techniques, you make sure that your blog appears in the top results of the search related to your topics. You may not know this, but search engines like Google and Yahoo love blog posts. Take advantage of this fact and get SEO done to appear in the top 10 results of search engines:

  • Become a member of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. These sites have become extremely popular these days and if you use effective strategies, you can draw a large number of potential customers to your blog.
  • Using video to help your writing has become an important tool to attract viewers of late. Search engines have been seen to prefer videos to rate the content these days. If nothing else, you can make a video of yourself with your mobile and upload it on video-sharing sites like Youtube and Dailymotion.
  • The use of links is another way to get people interested in your writing. Comment on other people’s writing and include their links in your write-ups. This makes search engines aware of keywords to rank your blog post. But be patient as getting a high ranking in search engines does not happen overnight and it takes time.
  • Spamming is to be avoided at all costs as search engines hate spammers. You must make use of relevant links only. When you leave your link to someone else’s writing, make comments relevant to the post. This drives potential customers to your blog.
  • There has also been a trend to use audio in blog posts these days. It has been observed that people prefer to listen to anything interesting that has been said in addition to written text.
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