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How Can You Gain Traffic On Your Site With a PPC Campaign

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The Pay Per Click campaign is designed to bring traffic and encourage people to visit website. However, we are not talking about random traffic and people that are not interested in your products. this kind of traffic can be easily found with the free campaigns. The PPC campaign has the purpose of bringing only organic useful traffic consisting of people that are interested in your products. however, even a PPC campaign might fail, especially if you are a beginner that has no knowledge about internet marketing.

On the other hand, there is another category of people thinking that a PPC campaign would guarantee them traffic. Sure, if you pay, you expect results. however, the PPC campaign must be coordinated with other marketing methods and with a complete SEO campaign if you want to increase the online visibility for your site. Engine optimization, article writing and a PPC campaign is the perfect combination that allows tons of traffic. Some sites offering this service might also offer some free solutions for you, such as a 100 $ free Facebook promotion or some other great discounts.

Setting up the PPC campaign

A campaign of this kind must be prepared in time, and you should also be patient. Some webmasters think that spending 100 dollars must bring instant results. however, a campaign of this kind might last for months, and the success is not even guaranteed. The content must be optimized, the ads must be placed in relevant places, and the site must be subscribed to relevant directories. Some errors and bugs might appear. There are three major stages for an optimization process under the PPC principle, and each one of them must be carefully analyzed and implemented.

1- Keywords

The keywords must be added on the website first, even before signing up for a PPC program. this way, when you request the PPC service, you will know what keywords are targeted, so the process will be more effective. If your keywords are not that good for your niche or the competition is too high, you might spend money on a useless campaign. In this case, the process is compromised, as there is no way of changing the targeted keywords if the campaign has begun. The keywords are important for the process, as they must be cropped in the first page of results in search engines.

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2- Content

The content of the site is also important. Good keywords might bring visitors, but if they are disappointed about the results, or about the content of the page, they might leave the page instantly. The content must be attractive for your niche, and you will need to think like a visitor on your site. An interesting article about banking cards might convince the visitor to click on that link to obtain the card. However, a bad campaign based on the keyword “weight loss products” connected with a gambling site is surely a mistake and a waste of money and time.

Some webmasters are also making the mistake of writing too much in the add. People like to read the title, and a few details about the products you sell. A huge announcement will only be annoying, the user will not have the patience to read all your explanation, and the big announcements also cost some serious money.

3- Landing Page

The landing page is also an important part of the PPC campaign. The announcement is responsible for bringing the visitor to your page, but it must also look great if you want sales and results. moreover, the landing page must be different from your main page. the landing page must be like a simple introduction, presenting the site and its goals. Then, if the visitor is interested, he should be able to use another link to see what your page is really about.

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