Read the Making your blogging experience faster – Browser edition!

Making the writing time shorter while you blog, is something everyone is looking for. And Blogger is one of the publishing platforms that helps you to reduce time laps by using keyboards shortcuts and avoid using the mouse.

keyboard shortcuts

So while blogging on Blogger, use those shortcuts:
        Ctrl + s = Auto save and keep editing
       Ctrl + b = Make a selected text Bold
       Ctrl + i = Make a selected text Italic
       Ctrl + l = Block quote (Only works in HTML mode)
       Ctrl + z = Undo
       Ctrl + y = Redo
       Ctrl + shift + a = Add a Link
       Ctrl + shift + p = Preview Post
       Ctrl + d = Save as Draft
       Ctrl + p = Publish Post

If you are using a MAC, use instead of Ctrl for each keyboard shortcut mentioned above!

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