How to Transfer From Blogger to WordPress In 6 Super Easy Steps

Blogger is a great tool for beginners, but once a blogger starts to realise the perks of having full control over their content, then WordPress becomes the next best option. There...

7 Daily Habits to Boost Bloggers Productivity

All of us have habits that distinguish us from each other. Some of these habits are good while some are bad. To put it in other word, there are habits that...

7 Important Twitter Facts Bloggers should know

For a blogger, it can be really challenging to narrow a 400 to 600 word post down to 140 characters to be posted on Twitter. Posting your blog post on Twitter...

5 Essentials All Work-From-Home Bloggers Require

Working from home with your blog as your sole income is the dream for a lot of bloggers. It gives you the freedom to do as you please, go through your...

Entering the Blogosphere: Getting Noticed in the Blogging Community

Blogging has really taken off in the past decade. However, the past couple of years have seen major changes occur in the blogging community. When blogging first became popular, you would...

5 Useful Tools To Manage And Grow Your Blog

A blog is a created website by an individual or a firm that provides continuously updated contents to the readers about various topics. A blog can be in the form of...

Six simple ways to strengthen your blog’s security

Introduction Everyday professional nasty plagiarists and hackers flood the internet looking for security loopholes on blogs or websites. If they discover that your blog is vulnerable, they will do everything within their...

5 Common Mistakes Made by WordPress Beginners

  WordPress is a global platform for beginners to start their own website. It is a free platform without any barriers to entry that allows anyone to start a website with just...

7 Simple Hacks to Increase Traffic on Your Website

Every single business owner wants to drive more traffic to their website. No matter whether you’re running a small, local business or a larger one, you have to be digitally adept...

7 Editing Tips for Successful Blogging

We all know that the blogger’s world can be pretty tough. There’s plenty of writing to do, photos to take, and most importantly, editing to do. Editing can be one of...
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