Add author name and URL in facebook link sharing

Facebook is the most obvious way to grab more traffic to your blog and it is very important for every webmaster to optimize his website for facebook. And one of the last Facebook solutions...

Facebook sharing all its design tools for free

Facebook School of App Design is the new place where Facebook is sharing its own design tools like: - Facebook’s proprietary Origami prototyping tool. - Photoshop and Sketch templates of GUI elements found...

Content and Design Tips for Landing Page Optimization

  Planning a successful online campaign is never an easy task, especially considering the wide variety of factors that determine its success. One of these is certainly a landing page design, which...

Ways to Optimize your blog for Mobile Searching

Would you believe this? The number of people accessing the web through their mobile phones has doubled from last year and at present; 22 million people search the net for various...

Say NO to image theft

One of many things bloggers are afraid from, is that other people can steal images from your website, I have to say that there is no way to prevent it for...

URL redirection the WHY and the HOW TO.

URL redirection or what we can call it  :- URL forwarding- Domain redirection- Domain forwardingare techniques on the WWW for making a web page available under many URLs.I- why using  URL...