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Email Opt-In: What It Is and How You Can Take Advantage Of It In 2021

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Developing a good email list while choosing the Email Opt-In option is considered one of the email marketing best practices to make your business thrive. This will help your brand survive in a market where email is one of the most successful interaction channels. Automated marketing helps fine-tune your brand’s efforts in client acquisition.

To gain traction, however, you’ll need a list of confirmed connections.

In this manner, you’ll be able to:

1. Make your email distribution more visible,

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2. Keep a good sender score,

3. Don’t get flagged as spam.

Don’t forget to get your hands on an email marketing platform like Moosend to grow and nurture your subscribers. This is because you can’t have an email opt-in without subscription forms and email campaigns!

1- What Exactly Is An Email Opt-In?

When we talk about opt-in or email opt-in, we’re referring to the registration process marketers use when someone signs up for their email newsletter. This might be a single or double process. After pressing the “subscribe” button in the first example, subscribers will be added to a list right away. In the second, recipients will receive a confirmation email minutes after registration that will require them to validate their email address.

2- Single vs. Double Email Opt-in

So, which is the best option for you? Is it better to have a single or double opt-in?

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A poll found that 53.5% of website users prefer the single verification approach, while 46.5% prefer the double verification method. Let’s look at the two ways and their benefits and drawbacks to comprehend this trend better.

a- Email with a Single Opt-In

This method requires one action to convert a visitor into a new subscriber, as the name implies. This type of registration is common among e-commerce sites that use email automation and aim to acquire many users’ email addresses to persuade them to buy. For example, when you sign up for emails, the brand will immediately begin sending you marketing emails, like this welcome campaign. Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of single opt-in to see why the bulk of online retailers chose this:


  • Drastically increase your subscriber list.
  • Reduce visitor dissatisfaction by removing unnecessary steps.
  • Accessibility to the promised benefits right away (discounts, offers, etc.).


  • Email list hygiene is lacking.
  • Spam complaints may have an impact on your sender score.
  • In some nations, there are concerns with legal compliance.

b- Email with a Double Opt-In

When you use the double sign-up approach, you’ll have to take an extra step to validate your visitors’ email addresses. One of the essential advantages of this strategy is its capacity to resist fraud and build a solid email list. Many enterprises use this method. Instead of getting a marketing message, recipients will receive a confirmation email as part of a transactional campaign. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of using a double opt-in process:


  • Enhance the integrity of your email list.
  • Have a high deliverability rate for your emails.
  • Acquire high-quality contacts.


  • The sign-up process is taking longer.
  • Subscribers may be irritated by the extra process.
  • They will not receive any messages unless they confirm their email address.

c- So, which opt-in method is the most effective?

As you can see, both ways have advantages and disadvantages. Single opt-in is a good option if you want to increase your list quickly. But be prepared to deal with unconfirmed subscribers and spammers. Setting up a twofold procedure, on the other hand, may increase engagement and conversions. However, the additional verification step may annoy visitors and stifle your growth. It’s all up to you and your goals!

3- The Different Types of Email Opt-Ins

Opt-ins come in a variety of forms and sizes, did you know? Before we look at how to build up your sign-up procedure, let’s look at the most common types:

a- Email Opt-Ins using Pop-ups

For many marketers, pop-ups are a favorite. You’ll need an online form builder like Moosend or Typeform to make one. You’ll be able to enhance lead generation and grow your mailing list with successful web forms. To make them operate, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Make a strong headline.
  • Make an enticing value proposition.
  • Have a clear call-to-action button.
  • Fill in the required form fields.
  • Include a statement about your privacy policies.

Furthermore, post your forms above the fold to capture as many email addresses as possible to boost your newsletter registration rate. Aside from the traditional pop-up, there are a variety of alternative forms you can employ to attract your audience’s attention:

  • Inline forms are pop-ups that integrate within your webpage’s content.
  • Slim forms put at the top or bottom of your page are known as floating bars.
  • Sticky forms that stay with you as you scroll up and down are known as floating boxes.
  • Full page forms are sign-up forms that take up the entire screen of your visitors.

b- Email Opt-Ins using Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most effective technique to enhance lead generation by providing a compelling value proposition to your visitors. To make a landing page that converts, you’ll need to follow some basic design principles. In a nutshell, here’s everything you need to know before creating your own:

  • Begin with a captivating headline.
  • Make good use of the copy on your landing page.
  • Select the appropriate CTA button colours.
  • Include high-resolution graphics and photos.

Email Automation can be successfully integrated into a marketing strategy to help convert visitors into customers. That is why it is essential to use a host of automated marketing tools in this endeavor. Not only does opt-ins help build email lists, but they are also very useful in client acquisition. This makes opt-ins a very successful eCommerce marketing strategy and is considered an email marketing best practice for 2021.

I hope this email marketing tutorial helped you learn What Email Opt-In is and how you can take advantage of it. For more email marketing, free step-by-step tutorials visit our dedicated email marketing tips section (You can find more tutorials like Best Email Automation and Multichannel Marketing Software & Tools) and check our WordPress hosting providers guide if you are still looking for a host to start your blog or business website.

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