More USA workers will be eligible for overtime pay

The USA Department of Labor announced today that starting December 1, 2016, almost all salaried workers including even managers, who receive up to $47,476 a year will be eligible for time-and-a-half...

Google Chrome Will opt for HTML5 Over Flash By the End of 2016

Google the company behind Chrome, is planning to shift to a new system for using HTML5 by default instead of Flash by this fall. So rather then allowing Flash, the browser will...

2GB of Free Google Drive Storage Today

Today Google is offering 2GB of Free storage to all his user but with one condition. All you need is to head to Google and run a brief security update to check...

Rest in peace, IE

Microsoft announced that starting January 12th, the company will no longer support Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10. The decision means the browsers will no longer receive security updates or patches, leaving users...

Lumosity will to pay $2 Million for its bullshit games

Lumos Labs, the company that created a brain game substation by telling users it could make them smarter, will pay for its lies. Lumosity will pay the Federal Trade Commission about...

Adobe is asking users to stop using Flash

Adobe, the company behind Flash announced, yesterday night, that it will now encourage webmasters and content creators to build web solutions with the new standards like HTML5, rather than Flash. Adobe and in...

Gmail is working a solution for an ultra-secure e-mail exchange

Google announced today that the Gmail team is working on a new alert system that informs you if an email was sent over an unencrypted connection. In a study, directed by the...

Manages what information people can see about you with Google’s AboutMe

Even if many internet users don’t use Google+ at all, they’ve probably filled some information into their Google profile from multiple places. Google now let you manage it all in one...

Quora… only people you follow can send you direct messages

Quora announced a yesterday a modification to its messaging system to make it safer for all users. The company published that, starting today, users will only receive messages from people they follow....

The incredible Web Summit 2015

If you are a geek, tech savvy, startup founder, investor, blogger or even interested in the web, you should be heard about the incredible Web Summit, where all the Internet met...
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