Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Making your blogging experience faster – Email tip!

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As we discussed in the last post of this series Emails are a huge productivity killer and one of the most time waster, this way I decided to talk about a new tip on how to use emails efficiently!

Today tip is on how quickly send a new email Message directly from your browser. So to avoid the normal process we repeat each time we want to compose a new message this tip will reduce time.
First thing let’s imagine the normal process:

  1. Open your email client or your web-mail provider home page.
  2. Waiting while the client finished loading your inbox.
  3. Go and click the ‘compose new’ button.
  4. Waiting again while the client finished loading the new message window.
  5. Then begin writing your message.


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Fortunately There’s always a faster way to send a new message: Simply go to your browser’s address bar and type “mailto:” then hit the Enter key.

Wait, because this is not all, because you can go faster and type directly the email recipient in the “mailto:” command like this example:
Use comma to send to multiple recipients:
Insert directly a subject and/or a text message:

Make sure to use “%20” for the space character and “%0A” for a line break. And don’t forget that this tip works across all browsers.

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