Congratulations, Female Blogger, You Said Yes! Now What?

You’re really happy, emotional frantic and excited looking at the brand new ring he gave you on one knee. Better start blogging about it and post on every social media platform,...

7 Daily Habits to Boost Bloggers Productivity

All of us have habits that distinguish us from each other. Some of these habits are good while some are bad. To put it in other word, there are habits that...

The 5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers To Prepare For 2020

If you’re making websites and you rely on WordPress to build them, the first step is to choose a hosting provider. But the most annoying problem facing every website...

Media Temple is launching a new enterprise WordPress solution

Media Temple, the leading hosting company owned by GoDaddy, launched a new enterprise-grade WordPress hosting solution today and hosting the new-brand service on AWS. The company knowing for its advanced WordPress Hosting...

Should You Curse In Your Blog Posts?

While many assume cursing in your blog posts is unprofessional, professionalism is a subjective concept. Cursing may help set the tone for some blogs. Should I Curse On My Online Blog Posts? One...

7 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Blog and Even Your Business

A blog is a tool to express your views on any topic you desire. It helps gain recognition in the online world and if your blog is good enough then it...

Why WordPress is the ultimate option for Non-techy business owners

    In this digital age, every business needs an online presence. This can become an issue for business owners especially who have a limited budget and cannot afford to hire a digital...

Five Ways to Create More Content for Your Blog Without Compromising Quality

Do you have enough content posted on your blog? You might think you do, but you probably don’t. Did you know that posting more than 16...

7 Important Twitter Facts Bloggers should know

For a blogger, it can be really challenging to narrow a 400 to 600 word post down to 140 characters to be posted on Twitter. Posting your blog post on Twitter...

Four Ways a Blog Can Help You Increase Sales on Your Ecommerce Site

Creating an online store is your first step to getting sales, but your job isn’t done just as soon as you get your products on the web. You have...
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